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  • Gongju

    Gongju is also known as "Huangshan Gongju" and "Huizhou Gongju" , has ornamental value and medicinal functions.

  • Chrysanthemum Bud

    Chrysanthemum bud is a type of white chrysanthemum. It is harvested and processed when Chrysanthemum flowers are not fully opened.

  • White Chrysanthemum

    White chrysanthemum also known as chamomile, is a traditional Chinese cultivated medicinal plant. It's also a kind of chrysanthemum tea.

  • Our company is located in the hometown of Chrysanthemum in China—Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province. It is also the hometown of the famous cartoonist Feng Zikai and the Chinese literary giant Mao Dun. The factory owns 500 hectares of pollution-free planting base.It's the president company of Tongxiang Green Chrysanthemum Industrial Association.  It holds the import and export right by itself and it is a strong seller of Alibaba. The sereis product of Chrysanthemum choose the first crop flower from the planting base as raw material, implemented strict non-hazardous cultivation operation and new drying techniques, refined by scientific technologies, are pure natural green food.   

    The main products: export packages, beverage ingredients, tea bags, microwave dehydration, fresh pollution-free flowers , small packaging series ect.. A large number of products are sold to 13 countries such as Malaysia, the United States, Vietnam, Singapore and so on, favored by beverage manufacturers in domestic and foreign countries.  

    Dongfeng Chrysanthemum, good quality and good taste!

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